PPP is a form of procurement where the public sector procures services over a prescribed concession period (frequently 20 years or more) in a manner which leaves the risk of ownership and efficient operation of the project facilities with a private sector supplier. It is a modern form of public sector procurement designed to achieve improved value for money through a focus on whole life costing and increased risk transfer to the private sector. PPP is not the same as privatisation as the public sector retains ultimate responsibility to the public for the service concerned.

In order to achieve this we provide the following:

  • Transaction Advisor (TA) to GovernmentIndependent Certifier

  • Bid Management for the bidding Consortium

  • Technical Advisor to Consortium, Lender or Government

  • Independent Monitoring Role

  • Project Manager to the TA

  • Contract Implementation Management

  • Monitoring support Advisor

  • Mentor to a Project Officer

  • Lenders Technical Advisor

  • Project Review Auditor